EndurLoop – Kit Washing and Laundry (2 Pack)




Our laundry Endurloop features a single latch that can securely hold up to 10 garments, and the drawstring sock snare can hold multiple athletic socks of different sizes and thicknesses. Plus, the 4.5″ writable identification area allows you to customize each Laundry Loop with a name, sport jersey number, or anything else you like.


EndurLoop keeps your uniforms, athlete clothes, school attire, gym clothes, baby outfits, outerwear, and other clothing items together throughout the washing and drying process. Our sock clip ensures that socks stay with the rest of the uniform, making your athletics and training facilities run more efficiently.


Perfect for sports teams of all ages, from recreation to travel to collegiate to professional sports teams, EnduLoop are also ideal for team equipment managers, daycare centres, tennis centres, swim teams, basketball and football teams, summer camps for kids, healthcare institutions, fitness centres.


Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting loose garments in the washing machine or dryer, and hello to more time and energy saved! Our Laundry Loops not only minimize lost items but also dry clothes in half the time and are more durable than traditional mesh or canvas laundry bags. Plus, they reduce wrinkles and help conserve energy costs compared to wash bags.


Although EndurLaundryLoops are a unique product that is not widely available in the UK market, they are highly popular among football clubs such as Norwich and Liverpool. These clubs have already incorporated Laundry Loops into their daily routines and have experienced the numerous benefits they offer.


EndurLaundryLoops are also widely used throughout the USA, with teams like DC United and Toronto FC relying on them daily to simplify their laundry routines. With their ease of use, durability, and efficiency, it’s no surprise that Laundry Loops have become a staple in the sports industry.