Endur Rainbow Armband



Wearing the Rainbow Captain’s armband is an incredible way to demonstrate your support for LGBT individuals in the world of sports. Not only does it make a powerful statement, but it also contributes to a worthy cause, as all profits from these bands will be donated to the Stonewall Charity.

Imagine how fantastic it would be for your Club to exhibit its dedication to creating a more inclusive sport, where everyone can participate without facing any discrimination. By wearing a rainbow armband adorned with your team’s logo and crest, you can make a visible and meaningful impact.

Rest assured, our armbands are meticulously crafted in the UK using top-notch elastic, hook, and loop materials. To ensure a secure fit while playing, we’ve even included an arm loop.

When it comes to sizing, we have options for adults, youth, and juniors. The adult size measures 5cm x 34cm, the youth size measures 5cm x 28cm, and the junior size measures 5cm x 22cm. Simply select the size that suits you best.

To make the process even more convenient, our talented designers will create a mock-up of your customized armband based on the information you provide. We’ll send the mock-up directly to your email for your review. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll proceed with production and promptly ship the armbands straight to your doorstep.

The entire turnaround time, from mock-up to delivery, typically takes 7-10 days. So you can start proudly wearing your Rainbow Captain’s armband and spreading the message of inclusivity in no time.

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